Visit Inspirational Healing Spas of the World

In Italy:
Bristol Buja

Just the whisper of the word “Italy” typically lights up faces and spurs discussions of Bucket List adventures.
In the land of food, wine and antiquity, you’ll never be without new discoveries. 
In the North outside of Venice lie the Euganean Hills and the charming sister thermal spa towns of Abano and Montegrotto Terme.  
Here is the home of “Euganean Thermalism,” and this is THE place for therapeutic mud.

In Slovenia:
Rimske Terme

Many people might ask: “Exactly where is Slovenia located? This charming and beautiful county is sandwiched between Italy to the West, Austria to the North, Hungary to the East and Croatia to the South. Exceptionally green and pristine, this is a country not to be missed.

Nestled in the verdant hills of Slovenia, you will find a place where a rich 2000- year history meets modern thermal spa and medical services at this beautiful resort surrounded by nature. Built on the site of ancient Roman baths, and home of the legendary “water nymphs,” you can literally immerse yourself in history. Napoleon’s sister was a frequent guest, and you can still see her private bathtub respectfully preserved.

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