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At the time, it seemed like I “had it all.”

I had bought into the belief that I was only as good as what I could possess, the loftiness of my job title and the image of how it all “looked” from the outside. 

There were shoes, there were clothes, there were cars, and other trappings of what many would call success. I wasn’t aware of the fact that essentially I was living into someone else’s view of a successful life.

I never took a look at what I really wanted or defined as success. And to add fuel, I wasn’t fully self-expressed. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what that even meant. 

And did it even matter? After all, everything looked like it was “supposed” to based on family and societal expectations. I must have been doing just fine, right? But in reality something else was going on…

My body was telling me a different story. It was telling me to slow down. There was pain, consistent pain, but I took pain pills and soldiered on.

And then came the hospital visits. At first, I shrugged them off. Then came days and weeks when I didn’t have the energy to make it through the day, even with pain pills.
It was clear that the intense corporate life on Wall Street had caught up to me.

Sitting in my office I could feel it. My body begged for a change. My soul begged me to follow my true calling. I could not put a lid on it anymore.

This sent me on a decade-long  journey around the world to find answers. I was on a quest, and with the same fervor that got me in this situation in the first place.

I trekked the Himalayas guided by a wise monk, joined silence retreats to hear my inner voice, drank from fountains only allowed by a prescription from a local doctor and visited over 65 spas in 32 countries.

In each country, I immersed myself in their philosophies and sampled their unique “secret sauce” practices for promoting wellness and longevity.

Step by step, I realized that the answers to longevity and happiness were residing in practices steeped in ancient culture, tradition, and history.

And I discovered that it wasn’t just doing one or many specific wellness activities.

It was also a way of being in the world.

From this insight, I created a methodology to enhance my quality of life and subsequent longevity. By incorporating 5 pillars of wellness I learned from multiple cultures with centuries of successful practice, I changed my life.

And at nearly 60, I have never been more energized and full of life.

Seeing personally how effective these practices are, it’s my mission to share them with you in practical, actionable ways that can be implemented in your life today.

So, if you are exhausted by being on the treadmill of life, burdened with lack of energy, poor sleep, extreme stress, feelings of regret or a failing immune system, I know how you feel.

I was there too – and now I know it’s possible to make a change.

And it can start now.

You can get started by downloading my FREE report here. If you would like to go further, you can find my book, “Ancient Healing in a Modern World” on Amazon.

Ready to take it even further? Let me help you create your personal longevity plan. Book your FREE 15-minute intro call with me here.

I look forward to being part of your journey.

Kit Karlyle

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What my clients say

Kit’s knowledge, positive energy, and enthusiasm to empower individuals  to make positive changes in their mental , physical and spiritual health is absolutely remarkable.

Her insights advice and experience on nutrition, exercise and and living a balanced life were extremely influential in making positive changes in my life . 

Traveling  with Kit will  be one of the most exhilarating, uplifting  and transformative adventures you can experience in life!  

Dr Rati V. Godrej MD – India

Thank you for two “Trips of a Lifetime.” I had an unforgettable and meaningful time through Europe. The impeccable itineraries, morning exercises, accommodations and meals exceeded my highest expectation! Kit’s sense of humor, energy, understanding, patience and support made all the difference and the trips really enlightened me personally.

Candice G – New York

Working with Kit has absolutely transformed my life. After an in depth conversation. Kit recognised that I hadn’t allowed myself to grief a relative. The realisation that not addressing and processing the grief had actually affected my health quite dramatically.

The creation of an in depth dietary needs and supplements plan alongside guidance and introduction to meditation has transformed how I live and cope with rebuilding my life post covid. Mahalo Kit.

Sue M – United Kingdom

I can honestly say that Kit changed my life. Her program took me into the deepest of my being and peeled off layers I didn’t even know I had – helping me find my true self and purpose. I am so grateful for the work Kit does and the loving way she helped me up-level my life. 

Peter L – Norway